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Industrial Ethernet for Power Stations is used for creating a single reliable network platform capable of uniting technology SDH, PDH, 3G, broadband wireless access, BPL, xDSL, and so on. Such network allow successfully integrate automation systems, relay protection, metering, IP-telephony, security and alarm systems and video surveillance in a single system.
The requirement to networks and communication systems at Power Stations defined standards IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613. And used equipment should correspond these standards.


Renewable Energy

Global warming, which may have caused drastic climate changes over the recent years, is increasingly becoming the big concern throughout the world. Concurrently, fossil fuel is becoming more and more expensive, resulting in unstoppable worldwide price increases of necessities, causing inflation and life misery in many parts of the world. Therefore green energy development and energy conservation have become the global trend, with many countries actively now investing in renewable energy more than ever.

Renewable energy may be initially expensive, but once the power plant infrastructures are built, the power sources are free forever. In the long run, the renewable technologies will get more mature with rapidly rising demand, decreasing implementation cost of additional renewable energy power plants, and eventually renewable energy would one day be more cost-effective than fossel fuel energy. Additionally, technologies and resources used in renewable energy power plants are environmentally friendly, having no impact or only small impact on the earth’s ecological system.

To run renewable energy power plants efficiently and effectively, uninterrupted networking infrastructures that can withstand harsh environments are required, as the control center would need to constantly acquire accurate and timely power plant stats and to constantly get reliable video monitoring information from IP surveillance cameras. Upon any unusual circumstances, the networking links need to have swift redundancy features to quickly adjust to these circumstances and help keeping the network uninterrupted, ensuring no loss (or minimal loss) of mission-critical information.

ORing, with industry-leading expertise of industrial networking, has significantly contributed to this green movement by helping PV solar electricity and wind electricity power plants to set up complete industrial-grade long-range Ethernet communication systems for green power production surveillance. Certified by rigorous industrial-grade tests, ORing products can withstand tough outdoor conditions while providing outstanding network performance reliably at all times, ensuring stable and uninterrupted data transmission of real-time information to and from the control center. Also, industrial Ethernet networks are easily expandable without sacrificing ruggedness, saving time and cost in the long run. Together with many governments and corporations, ORing is helping the world in the fight against global warming.


Renewable Energy - Applications

Wind Farm

ORing industrial networking products are useful for real-time surveillance status monitoring of the wind turbines. A managed or lite-managed ORing Ethernet switch (such as IES-3073GC or IES-2042PA) can be connected to the wind turbine's PLC to get its real-time statistics, plus an IP camera for video surveillance of the wind turbines. For older PLCs with serial data output, ORing has the right device server (e.g. IDS-5012) to seamlessly convert such important data from serial to Ethernet format.  Multiple units of ORing managed or lite-managed Ethernet switches, along with the control center, can be connected together via optical fiber links and form a ring topology to fully utilize ORing’s proprietary O-Ring swift redundancy technology -- with less than 10 ms of recovery time for the IES managed or lite-managed series in case of power or network failure. Note that optical fiber links provide the following important features for wind farm networking: extended transmission distance, secure signal transmission, and immunity to electromagnetic interferences.

Solar Power

ORing industrial networking products are also useful for real-time surveillance and status monitoring of solar power plants. A lite-managed ORing Ethernet switch (such as IES-2042PA) can be connected to the photovoltaic solar panels' PLC to get its real-time statistics, plus an IP camera for video surveillance of the solar panels. For PLCs with serial data output, ORing has the right device server (e.g. IDS-5042) to seamlessly convert such important data from serial to Ethernet format. If handy Ethernet to fiber conversion is needed without altering network topology, ORing has a complete line of Ethernet to fiber media converters for that purpose.

For enhanced and highly secured network traffic handling, a Thunder Rack Full-Gigabit Ethernet switch, such as RGS-7168GCP, can be used to collect data from multiple units of ORing lite-managed Ethernet switches, which are connected and configured in ORing's proprietary flexible add-on network topology configuration called O-Chain, the swift redundant chain technology with less than 10 ms of recovery time for the IES managed or lite-managed series in case of power or network failure. Then multiple units of Thunder Rack Gigabit Ethernet switches and the control center can be connected altogether to form a ring topology and be protected by ORing's redundant ring protection -- O-Ring, also with less than 10 ms of recovery time (IES managed or lite-managed series). Furthermore, ORing's Thunder Series (Thunder Rack, Thunder Rail, & Thunder PoE, i.e. the 7000 Series models) Ethernet switches support Device Binding, ORing's state-of-the-art network security and health-check technology that actively blocks hacker attacks and ensures the well being of data streaming and bound devices.

Note that selected ORing Ethernet switches, such as IES-2042PA and RGS-7168GCP, support optical fiber links, which provide the following important features for solar power plant networking: extended transmission distance, secure signal transmission, and immunity to electromagnetic interferences.


ORing Application - Power Substation

Project Introduction

To avoid equipment damage caused by natural calamities or human activities, the proprietors tend to deploy extra cameras on the power pylons for the 24 hours surveillance. If the sensors receive warning notice of any abnormal event, the controller will send the warning notice to the associated departments and the cameras will record the process simultaneously.

Project Requirements

  • Provides data transmission in long distance. 
  • Supports Anti disturbance.
  • Operating temperature from -40 oC to +70 oC.
  • Switches and media converter comply with IEC 61850-3 certification.

Project structure

There is an IEC61850-3 certificated switch-RES-P3242GCL-HV deployed in the power substation providing the surveillance for both internal and external of the power substation. Meanwhile, the power station links to regional branch control center through the fiber network, each of the branch control center is equipped with RGS-7168GCP- the switch with up to 24 ports. With this feature, the switch is able to connect to many media converters, which link with other cameras. Moreover, RGS-7168GCP combines the ORing self-developed function- Device Biding. It effectively allows only network traffic from the designated video surveillance device to go through a specific network port, plus active mechanisms to guard against hacker attacks and maintain health of the video surveillance device. 

The main goal of this project is providing the stable, anti-disturbance and timely data transmission of the power substation. Therefore, every power pylon is equipped with one IEC61850-3 certificated media converter – IMC-P111FX, it delivers timely monitoring status through every power pylon and overcomes the problem of distance and external interferences. The product installation highly decreases the damages from external unknown damage and suits customers’ need. 

Project Selection















Windfarm SCADA

Lian-Yun Harbor, Jiansu Province, China

Lian-Yun Harbor windfarms have 50 wind turbines generating 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. The SCADA system is established for real-time status monitoring of the wind turbines. The system, equipped with ORing products and technologies, is divided into 4 rings – A, B, C, and D. 54 ORing IES-2042FX-SS Ethernet switches are used to implement 4 redundant rings (which are well-protected by O-Ring redundancy technology): Ring A (13 wind turbines + 1 control unit), Ring B (13 wind turbines + 1 control unit), Ring C (12 wind turbines + 1 control unit), and Ring D (12 wind turbines + 1 control unit). Each wind turbine is accompanied by one ORing IES-2042FX-SS Ethernet switch, BeckHoff PLC (information collector), and Beckhoff IPC (data monitoring terminal). The control center has 4 IES-2042FX-SS Ethernet switches, which are connected to the 4 redundant rings. Besides, there are 2 IBM servers. One of the servers stores monitor information data from Ring A and Ring B, and the other server stores monitor information data from Ring C and Ring D.

Project Overview

  • ORing IES-2042FX-SS – Lite-Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch with Single-Mode Fiber Optic Links
  • BeckHoff PLC – information collector
  • Beckhoff IPC – data monitoring terminal

Application Requirements

  • Swift and dependable redundant ring network protections
  • Endurance under tough environments
  • Long distance networking


Resource management - RES-P3242GCL-HV

• Current situation of the resource management industry

In 21st century, managing energy consumption is a major issue confronting many industrial companies & facilities. To control the hardware/software of the power substation more efficiently, and also achieve the highest efficiency of the output electricity, ORing Industrial Network Corp., the global leading brand company of industrial Ethernet, which has the professional research and development team, puts great emphasis on this issue.


RES-P3242GCL-HV passed the IEC 61850-3 and IEEE1613 certifications. This multi-port rack-mount managed Ethernet Switch – RES-P3242GCL-HV is specialized for the power substation. Also, it is the greatest solution for this specific problem of large-scale distributed electric grid.